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Brights Grove On

Life's Seasons​

A time for help, a time for healing​


under construction.

We are currently working on upgrading our website.  

Welcome to​ 

Life's Seasons



519-491-5000 fax line 

805 Christina St N

Suite 103

Point Edward, On,


Life's Seasons Care & Support is a Trauma Informed Organization accredited through Starr Commonwealth

With this accreditation, Life's Seasons is backed by Starr Commonwealths's 105 years of evidence-based research and practice. Life's Seasons is dedicated to building resilience in the lives of everyone we serve, and this accreditation is a testament to that.

At Life's Seasons, we provide confidential care and support for individuals, couples,

and families; across

the lifespan who are facing difficult seasons in their lives.

Some of the areas of speciality and expertise offered at Life's Seasons includes, but is not limited to:

  • Trauma Intervention
  • Self-Abuse

  • Foster care / Adoption
  • Separation / Divorce
  • Grief and Loss
  • Parenting

Click here to make a donation to Life's Seasons

We also provide training for professionals

and volunteers who work with these

individuals in various settings.

We offer services from either a

faith-based or a non-faith-based perspective for both In

Office or Off Site Services.

Special Fundraiser

Quote by Tina Hunter:

"I want to offer back to Life's Seasons, my vulnerable and raw moments of 2020 - to support the work mama started - and we continue to honor".

For a donation of $ 25, you can receive a copy of The Seasons of 2020. 100% of the proceeds from book sales will be directed to continuing to support those who financially struggle, and still deserve care.

Books are available at the Life's Seasons office, 805 Christina St N, Suite 103, Point Edward.

To reserve your copy please email your request, along with an e-transfer to [email protected](please note the 2 s') as well cash, debit or credit can be made in the office, Monday-Thursday 9am-5pm. Please note a mask must be worn when picking up your copy of The Seasons of 2020.

The Seasons of 2020 is a collection of writings that Tina compiled as she grappled with the death of her mother, her own cancer diagnosis, and the loss of a dear friend - the father of her sons.

While leaning into her faith, Tina felt the invitation to go deep with the Lord as she questioned and placed raw, her vulnerable sentiments before him. Page after page will take you through her agonizing heartache, desolate grief, but also the faithful words of a loving Savior who always met her right where she was and held her while she processed it all. Just as we read in Ecclesiastes 3: 18, 2020 was a time for everything, and a season for every activity under heaven.