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Life's Seasons​

A time for help, a time for healing​

What is Trauma?

Trauma happens when an individual experiences a distressing situation that threatens the persons sense of safety or security.

Trauma is not in the event that happens, but instead in how a person experiences an event.

How or when someone experiences trauma is as unique as an individual’s fingerprints.

No two people experience trauma the same.

Anyone at any age can experience trauma.

Trauma is a body/mind experience. It can happen in violent and non-violent events.

Grief and trauma reactions are different and must be treated differently.

Life's Seasons

At Life's Seasons, we provide confidential care and support for individuals, couples, and families; across the lifespan who are facing difficult seasons in their lives.




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Video excerpt

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TLC Director,

Dr. Caelan Soma, presenting


TLC course Children of Trauma "Understanding why children experiencing trauma can't find the words to describe their feelings. " 

Trauma-Informed Care

At Life's Seasons we provide trauma-informed care.

Trauma-informed Practice provides an approach that addresses trauma in a very unique, sensory way.

It is different than all other cognitive approaches, in that is primarily because of the way trauma is stored in the brain and body. It allows a person to move from being stuck in a traumatic event to bringing a traumatic event to closure.

Life's Seasons believes that healing happens in relationships. Through establishing safe, authentic relationships, we believe one can begin to move beyond the pain of trauma, and experience joy and find meaning in life again.